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Is there anything I can do to better prepare for the training?

Absolutely, we encourage you to review the following technical information provided by 3M. 

Study Materials

  • To prepare for the test, especially the written portion, it is important that you know the information found in these 3M Technical Bulletins. Please study them prior to taking the test. All instructional bulletins can be found on or on the 3M COSMO app available on apple and android devices.

Product Bulletins:

Instruction Bulletins:

All instructional bulletins can be found on or on the 3M COSMO app available on apple and android devices.


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Are there any requirements to become a 3M Preferred Installer?

  • Yes, each 3M preferred installer MUST maintain $1,000,000 of liability insurance and provide annual proof of insurance to 3M

What's the difference between 3M Certified and 3M Preferred?

  • The 3M Certified designation applies to a company and not an individual. In order for a company to become a 3M Certified Graphics Installation Company, the 3M Preferred Graphics Installer test must be taken at the 3M facility in Minneapolis, where a designated UASG representative has to be present to administer the certified test. In addition, certain business requirements must be met along with an annual fee paid to UASG. For a list of requirements visit:

  • The 3M Preferred Graphics Installer designation applies to the individual. This personal credential accredits an individual installer on his/her installation skills and knowledge.


What time should I book my flight to arrive and depart?

It’s recommended that you arrive the Sunday prior to make sure you have enough time to settle and to get a good night sleep. Class starts promptly at 8am on Monday morning. If you’re planning your return flight on the last day of training, be sure to allow extra time due to rush hour traffic. We are located approximately 10 minutes from the Nashville BNA Airport.

What do I need to bring to these courses?

We do like to see how creative some installers get and would enjoy seeing any tools you have made yourself but no need to bring any of your own tools or other equipment. We do ask that you wear pants and close-toed shoes for safety.

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